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August 21, 2013 / Tetrahedroseph

Steel Parade July 2013 Collage Collection

Lets face it, there are going to be lots of post about Steel Parade for a little while. July was a busy month thanks to a regular weekend poolside spot at the Langham Hotel and private parties around LA and OC. I’ll going to cram as many July pictures and tangents as I can into this post. Be sure to click the underlined links because some have videos of me performing. Here goes…

Steel Parade @ Langham, Pasadena ,CA 130704

I spent 4th of July weekend singing with Steel Parade for Langham hotel guests. A soothing pool, our happy music, and barbecue was the perfect way to enjoy the 4th of July weekend. These guests were taking full advantage of it all. I played bass and sang backup vocals all weekend. Phil and Gabe play drums at controlled volumes that are appropriate for the guests near and far. We sing without microphones too. Having a drummer that is sensitive to volume is a real treat.  

Guest relax and swim to our Soca and Calypso jams

Guest relax and swim to our silly Calypso jams.

We have lots of fun performing at the Langham pool. While guests bask in the sun, I get a chance to create “hypnotic” bass lines while looking at very long songs with a macro perspective. The challenge of this four hour quest is to remain fresh without overplaying. Keep it interesting for everyone including myself.


El Dorado Nature Center is a very woodsy island... no bears though.

El Dorado Nature Center is a woodsy island.

The El Dorado Nature Center is always a fast paced intimate concert. We were was positioned in a new spot this year and it allowed kids to dance and play on a small cement platform next to the band. This reduced the dust our dancers kick up. The new setup also gave the band a nice forest backdrop and most importantly, the majority of the audience was in front of the band.

I saw a couple old friends and they asked me if I was worried about the kids playing on the small tree to my left (bass gtr). I must admit it was unsettling at first, but after I looked up and saw that nothing could fall on me I thought the kids were funny. Actually, I remember feeling jealous and wanting to climb the tree and hear our Steel Parade music like the kids were. Afterwards, a little boy came up to me with a large grin and said “you were smiling at me” and said to him, “yah, well you were smiling at me too” and we started giggling. One of those “had to be there moments”.

Just a little more for this post…
For this gig one of two will seem like a warm-up.

For this gig one of two will seem like a warm-up.

We started the last weekend of July with a Saturday double-header and I am grateful. First we entertained Langham Resort/Spa poolside guest with our Drums, Bass, Steel Drum, and Vocal trio. We have fun with dynamics! ssh… BOO! ssh… we exaggerated the dynamics this day just for the practice of it.

Time for two of two!
This second gig of the day was like a grand finally.

This second gig of the day was like a grand finally.

Now we quickly pack-up say goodbye and head out to Chino Hills for a private tiki/surf backyard party. There were a lot of island themed decorations that put many bars to shame. I have never seen an illuminated blowfish inside of a giant glass ball. I have never seen a bucktoothed tiki mask that made me laugh. The owner did a good job of collecting naval, surf, oceanic items.

This next compliment might be “crossing the line” a little, but here goes anyway. As you can see from the collage, the bar tender brought hot servers to help him provide service at the party. They were sexy and everyone seemed at balance. Excellent managerial decision and very appropriate for a surf barbecue party.


This will be a chill, chill, sunday... pink?

This will be a chill, chill, sunday… pink?

Sunday’s 4 hours felt short after the Saturday double-header. This was a relaxing last day of the weekend. We played some more cha cha variations of our soca tunes. Click here to see a little video of us on this day. I bought some black pants afterwards. Even more borring than that: notice the use of Joseph and Gabe’s sunglasses in the Saturday collage, “2013/07/27”. I used the same idea again in this collage. Can you find the steel drum and pool in all that pink?

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