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October 12, 2017 / Tetrahedroseph

My review and video footage of our big band performance at Santa Ana College. 10102017

I played every song except one. There were multiple bass players scheduled. One bass player student was late and didn’t work on his song. He couldn’t even get through the first 16 measures. He was late, flustered and unprepared. The corner we bass players were pushed into was too small so it was probably easy for the director to simply remove him from the performance.

The entire area was too small for a big band of almost 20 people.

The second bass player had a standup bass with a new pickup. It is essential to know how to balance the sensitivity and . Gain or trim should be considered as a sensitivity knob to balance your finger feel along with the volume between the pickup and the amp. We were in a very small location and the amp was pointed directly at the bass pickup. Proper technique is essential for an upright to be herd. I turned the amp away, rode the volume knobs and still got nothing. I realized later there was also an issue with the cable we were using and the amp. Both had reputations for intermittent functionality. There was too much feedback, no presence and eventually I was asked to play every song.

I’m glad the other bass players were removed. It wasn’t sounding good. The bass students learned very valuable lessons that day. I have conveyed only sincerity, authenticity, and effort. Is it the new generation thing? Too much, distractions? Have we forgotten that some things must still be earned?

I am proud of our big band director. I know that if I were performing parts improperly, I would also be removed. Or the difficult parts would be removed/altered.

Big Band! If it’s going down, I hope it goes down kicking and screaming.

Cheers to foosball and big band and all the other dying art forms!

Click here to see the program for the concert.

Most importantly, this is what I ate afterwards:

Just in case you missed it, here are the other two posts related to this Santa Ana College big band:

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Thanks again for all your support!

Please leave a comment. Let me know if you think it would be fun to see something specific.

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