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December 10, 2017 / Tetrahedroseph

Surprise birthday party performance with me @steemseph on Bass for Steel Parade! Part 2 of 3

First, this GIF featuring my Fender Jazz Bass Deluxe and my Mesa Walkabout bass amplifier. I use flat wound strings on my bass and the amp has a satellite. Ask me questions.

Three highlights from my Periscope broadcast ( of our performance for the surprise party’s guests:

1. Starts out at 00:00 with us singing a surprise rendition of happy birthday to the birthday girl.

2. I change the camera angle at 13:19 and we perform John Denver’s Sunshine On My Shoulder. Get a good look at my bass as we groove the into. You can see both my hand and the fretboard really well.

3. See @steelparade perform an original called Everything’s Alright thanks to a secret camera angle from the cymbal stand at 41:54.

4. Skip to 49:23 to see the hands of Max our drummer as we start Bob Marley’s Stir It Up.

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