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May 14, 2018 / Tetrahedroseph

Pinball Emergency Update! The KISS pinball machine stole my 50¢!

I wouldn’t make this up! I visited one of my favorite pinball machines yesterday and discovered it has some issues.

The spring attached to the ball shooter’s pull lever is broken. In the pinball schematics it’s called a “plunger.”

The plunger usually has a spring around it’s rod to let you smack shoot the ball into action.

Kinda lame, if a player wants to employ a smack strategy. You know, the spring should be new and strong and the players should be able to give it a smack that should propel the ball harder and faster than the normal pull and release technique. I hate “shoulds” too but this thing is just plain broken.

Please be seated.

It gets worse… potentially catastrophic my Bro, Dears and Massive Profiteers…

The left coin slot doesn’t give credit!

Yup, it’s stole my money. IT will steal your money like a reward pool raping financially guesstimating DONKEY!

Seriously, if you don’t want all of your customer’s tires slashed, have a fully functional coin slot on your pinball machine… said some guy walking by.

Gratitude Practice:

I shouldn’t be spending tokens and coins anyways. Players get three games worth of credit when they pay two dollars. It’s a better deal to use the dollar bill reader next to the coin slot.


It’s time to stepup my pinball verification processes. I will be calling this Round Table Pizza very soon to let them know that the machine needs a little maintenance.

AND, while I’m at it, I’ll also be calling a local bowling alley to let them know that they are missing out on “massive profits” by allowing an awesome looking Star Wars Phantom Menace Pinball Machine to wither away in the corner of their arcade.

Thanks for reading and thanks for supporting. If repairs are made I’ll make an update.

Good luck in all your pinball adventures.

May 11, 2018 / Tetrahedroseph

Tuesday, We Made More Jazz Go and THEN Saturday, We Performed Steel Drum and Ukulele Music for FOLAR Volunteers in California.

Technically, this all occurred a few weeks ago. I don’t see the harm in being late. Can’t sit around and flag spammers all day, can I?

Tuesday: Jazz trio for an Earth day event. 

On Tuesday our Steem neighbor @SteelParade and I helped one of the singers in our big band perform for an Earth Day event at Santa Anna College.

I often broadcast my live performances on Periscope with my iPhone. Does dLive do that? I really want to switch, but I’m scared. (I do all this with my iPhone.)

This is combo jazz. This is not a big band. We are still the bass and drums for this band’s rhythm section, but it’s a different beast when we get into it.

In Big Band we read notes and specific parts and arrangements. Bass parts are specifically written out in Big Band because sometimes they want me to play something specific with the rest of the band. I still get lots of opportunities to improvise though.

When we play together in combos, we read sheet music, take more creative liberties, follow each other and communicate musically. We still observe an arrangement, it’s just not as stringent. Bass notes/parts are rarely written for jazz combo music. We use lead sheets or simple chord charts. These songs are usually memorized. Anyways, I get to improvise all of it in a combo setting.

There are lots of differences, but I’ll mention one more obvious one. Big band has lots of wind instruments (horns). Big bands are usually over 15 musicians. (not a rule though)

I usually play bass and our neighbor @steelparade usually sings and plays steel drum in Steel Parade (professional band).


We also had a Rhodes keyboard guy and our big band director was also there to play trombone. Jason was the singer and he’s the one that asked us to play for him. I told him I would only do it if he brought Vietnamese sandwiches and coffee. 😐 I don’t usually do free gigs, but these guys and their sandwiches are worth it.

Read, Set, Jazz:

I broadcasted the performance on Periscope. Is there a Steem platform for live broadcasting with mobile devices?

• Click here to skip to where we actually start playing music at 05:47:🥁☝️🎺👆🎷

• Click here to hear us perform “ComeFlyWith Me” at 16:38:

• Hear us perform the ballad “Georgia“by Ray Charles at 22:99:


Jazzy for the annual earth day event by permission from Santa Ana College. That was a lot of fun and also healthy. I’m was really looking forward to our performance later in the week. It’s featured in the next section of this post.


Saturday: Music For Volunteer Trash Pickers!

Four days later we performed together again, but this time as a Steel Drum and Ukulele duo. Every year for the past five or six years, we’ve been asked to play music for the volunteers collecting trash in the riverbed.

Wanna hear our Ukulele and Steel Drum Duo? This is a short video on @steelparade’s fbook page:

Remember how I said I usually play bass, well, for this performance, I’m playing ukulele. I normally perform music on bass and backup vocals with our neighbor @steelparade on steel drum. This is his steel drum too:

Today, i’ll be using my mind in a different way to play the same songs on a ukulele. I can’t simply trust the habits i’ve developed performing the songs on bass. Ukuleles are neither played nor tuned the same as a bass. I need to think of the songs as if I were learning them again, by concentrating on the chord changes.

I must remember the chords instead of letting my habits and ear guide me through the songs. It takes a different concentration. After a while it kind of gets easier because I’ll visualize performing the song on the base board and somehow receive a mental translation that lets me play on the ukulele fretboard.

Musician Tips:

  • Know all the chords in your songs and remind yourself to verbally state the chords when you are away from your instrument.
  • Play your songs on different instruments. Just trying this will create a new and healthy perspective on your song.
  • Learn your old songs on a new instrument using each chord’s full name.
  • Do what I say and not what I do. 😳


We have performed for FOLAR several years in a row. I’ve lost count, but we’ve probably entertained the FOLAR volunteers for 7 or more years in row. Maybe @steelparade can verify!?!?!? Here we are in these two images from 2016 and 2017.

Feel The Love:

One of our adoring fans dropped by to take a cool picture. I’ve been granted permission to use it and I decided to superimpose the awesome image on top of the tweet that went along with it.

Look for me on Twitter to see the original awesome image our adoring fan shared. My name is @tetrahedroseph on Twitter.

Have you ever used that QR code to find a Twitter account? I haven’t, so let me know if it’s really cool.

Mini Contest:

Can you find the butterfly? Be the first to leave a comment telling me where it’s located and I’ll give you a 100% upvote early in the morning before my SP gets used up supporting anti-spam.


Thanks for supporting and upvoting.

Please be sure to tell me if you share one of my posts to Twitter.

Please Fight Spam:

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• Please support @steemflagrewards and experience healthy incentivized curation.

May 10, 2018 / Tetrahedroseph

Coming Soon! Big Band Jazz and Steel Drum With Ukulele island music all in one post. TOMORROW!

This is just a friendly warning about my next post. Sorry, it won’t be about pinball. Don’t worry, I am working on that still.

Hey! Checkout my gif style, BRO!!!

NEXT: Look for my post titled: “Tuesday, We Made More Jazz Go and THEN Saturday, We Performed Steel Drum and Ukulele Music for FOLAR Volunteers in California.


me and our strangely inactive Steem neighbor @steelparde will be performing in the same big band tomorrow night at 7:30 PM (pst).

This link will take you to the Santa Ana College website where you can buy tickets if you want to attend:


ALSO Broadcasting Live Tomorrow here:

Check-in on my broadcast for a view behind the scenes! I usually put my camera on the ground behind me and the drums set.


Thanks for reading and supporting.

I wish you massive proooo… phylactics! Lol, who says that?!?


Please Fight spam! Don’t be scared.

Flag those abusive little fuckers when they have less SP than you.

See y’all tomorrow, I gotta practice.

May 8, 2018 / Tetrahedroseph

Pinball Post Relay Challenge! Stupid Game Cards For a Ghostbusters Pinball Machine Part 3 of 3.

Only a dollar for permission to play?!

Sorry, I didn’t play this pinball machine. I didn’t want to pay an extra dollar to buy a card.

I’ll just keep my big band parking money.

This Ghostbusters Pinball machine and the entire arcade requires a game card!

Son of a Biscuit Eater!” – @anthonyadavisii

I didn’t even play that shit. It looks to be in good condition though. I’ll be back… I gotta play it… even if it is over priced.


Unfortunately, for this post and us, I didn’t play. I can’t say too much, but it looks like a good one and it seems to have good lighting.
I saw at least 3 ramps.
The game developers brand name looked familiar too.
The bowling alley where the machine is located was uhh… good. AC, bathrooms, parking lot and double sided grand staircase. I’m not a bowling expert, but I saw a few proficient players that looked satisfied.

I’ll be back.” – Biscuit Eater

Current High Scores:

I’ve got nothing other than the one that’s coincidentally visible in the games digital display in my image in the pinball machine. I only took one picture.


  • Live a cash existence if your in debt due to a career change from 10 years ago.
  • Save your game card and save a dollar next time. This machine is probably worth a “next time,” but I can’t be sure just yet.
  • Bring a date and use one player together instead of two separate players. Trade off with who goes first. If your age 35 to 45, and your dad is still alive, take him to play pinball. Pinball is a good father and son thing to do.


Finding Pinball Machines:

Click the following link to find this Pinball machine’s location on a website called

Be sure to use to get a little head-start in finding any pinball machine almost anywhere in the world!!!

• Use your nose too:

Look for Round Table pizza franchises, Pizza Hut, and other local pizza places.

• Use your brain too:

Look for pool halls, bowling alleys, Chuck E. Cheese’s, and Dave and Busters.

• Use your voice too:

Ask the employees where they have their pinball machine and show them that a demand exists. Let them know that there are people out there that still want to play pinball.

• Use your cellular life support system:

Search for the key word, “barcade” in a google maps app. Fuck Yelp. Try other words like billiards, pool hall, and bowling alley for example. Let me know if you think of some more.

🤔’s Map:

It kinda sucks on my iPhone’s safari to be honest. Using two fingers causes my screen to scroll while the browser simultaneously scrolls. Maybe this is manageable on a newer mobile device, but older devices that lag will be frustrating.

I prefer to start out on my desktop, mentally lock in the pinball location I’m interested in, and use the Pinside map for verification while I’m on the road/updating.

When I look for a new pinball location to update I start by searching the obvious city name. There are many cities clustered together in Southern California, so sometimes you need to try searching for more than one of the major cities in the area. I do the same thing if I want to find a pinball machine near a city I’m traveling to.

Sometimes it’s just easier to use your pinball intuition. Consider using the search function of the other way around. Start with Google Maps and look near your self first. Look for a bowling alley, a pizza place, or an arcade. Call them and ask them if they have a pinball machine. If they do, look for the location’s address on If they don’t, slash everyone’s tires in their parkinglot… just kidding.


This Location:

This Ghostbusters pinball machine’s location is a bowling alley. Remember what I said about finding places? Anyway, I even called to confirm that they had a machine.

The picture above shows the address and location for this Ghostbusters pinball machine.

The name on the left shows us that a guy named “vicjw66” added this location to Pinside way back in 2012.

Then, the bowling alley, Gable House, signed up and edited the location in 2015. That is really smart of them, but it’s outdated.

This is image of the “Game List” below is part of what they shared to

I WISH they still had those games!

So anyway, eventually I come along (2018) and leave the comment in the image below.

I was not happy. Later, I reconsidered my update and edited my comment because I think I should be grateful they have at least one functional machine. Like I said I’ll be back and I’ll spend the extra dollar to play. It’s kind of fun to look forward to it anyway. If it’s not too much, I’ll become a, “regular.”

The picture below features the images I upload to

Click the following link to find this Pinball machine’s location on an awesome website called

Be sure to use to find any pinball machine almost anywhere in the world!!!

New Pinball Friends!

Do you know @zingali? You should. He likes pinball too. Look forward to him sharing something fun for us and the community too. He has some great pinball ideas.


NEXT Pinball:

Look for the start of a new three part series. I’ll probably start with a favorite pinball location and then conduct a few investigations/updates to

Also NEXT:

A post featuring me and our neighbor @steelparade performing Jazz combo music and then ukulele and steel drum music in a post called: Tuesday, We Made More Jazz Go and THEN Saturday, We Performed Steel Drum and Ukulele Music for FOLAR Volunteers in California.

I’m good at unnecessarily long post titles.


Previous Pinball Post:

Read my previous post about and a missing Shreck pinball game by clicking here:

Also, click the next link to see a cute meme I made to simply warn everyone about my next pinball post. 😁

Click here or the banner below to see part two of my pinball series:

Thanks for your support!

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May 3, 2018 / Tetrahedroseph

Monday’s Anti-spam Rant Before our Second to last Big Band Rehearsal Before our Second to Last Concert. Jazz kinda rhymes with Spam.

Godzilla Problems:

If you know me, you know I’ve been creating and sharing memes inspired by my “student parking” woes. Usually just before big band rehearsal on Mondays. 🎺

I’m a little sarcastic about it sometimes, but the truth is I actually should want to pay for this real life practice. For me, reading music is like muscles, use it or lose it. 😐

Yup, it’s almost always musically healthy for me to bring myself to this big band. Another unavoidable circumstance… I don’t always have the resources/luxury to participate. 😒

That’s why I’ve trained myself to say, “Pay To Play or STFU.

Thankfully, I have friends that would help me if I ask. If I suck at asking, that’s my fault. 😊


When scarcity is abundant, some of us are put into desperate situations with only a few illusionary options that others could regard as abuse.
One could say, “it’s all relative.” I don’t believe that applies for Steem though. Steem is an investment we curate. It kinda requires quality interaction for success. Like life, right? It’s like a privilege. If you suck you get “kicked out.” (drop in rep, pointless rewards, flagged, lose votes, etc…) That’s kinda how life was too until mediocrity started festering.
It sucks flagging spammers, but it also sucks when our greed ruins something that others appreciate.
This social media platform is also an investment that we protect, serve, and benefit from. It’s a new concept for me too.

Wanna Fight Spam?

• Upvote anti-spam comments. If you see a comrade speaking out against a spammers practice, please show them your support.

• Resteem anti-spam authors.

• Boycott bid bot abusers.

• Report abusers anonymously here:

• Flag comment spammers. If you receive a comment that seems general from an account without a profile picture, you should immediately review that profiles comments. Look for exact copies of the one they used on your post.

• Only flag a spammer if you can handle the retaliation. Be prepared for the consequences of flagging a spammer with large SP. Do it because you’re capable of withstanding the stress of retaliation and/or intermittent community support. It’s not worth the stress. Say to yourself, “Fuck this money.” Do something healthy instead, like pinball!!!

POST good content. Only support and reward authentic content. I know, it’s hard to figure out what’s authentic and what is stolen. Most of the social media networks thrive off of spam and plagiarism, so naturally we want to go the other way here. It’s not easy, I myself follow way too many people for my own good. I approached it like Instagram. Unfollowing the crap accounts is lots of work now.

Final Thought:

I’ll just say that we are the balance in this investment platform. If the spammers never go away, at least we still have incentivized curation opportunities.

Maybe it’s necessary for us to maintain this balance forever. At least that’s better than Facebook which pays out never.

(These images and opinions are my own. They do not necessarily reflect any opinion of others mentioned.)

Big Band BHTS:

We have one dress rehearsal next Monday and then two more concerts. We perform at the college on May 11th, that’s a Friday. Three days later , May 14th we will have a concert at the Santa Ana high school.


We will play a version of Disney’s “Beauty And The Beast” for the concerts. Click here to see me play lots of notes during this rehearsal broadcast on Periscope:

I only got the “beast” part correctly on that one. I’ll be doing my homework.

If you’re interested in seeing the entire rehearsal, click here:

I change the camera angle a few times so be sure to skip around. Look for images of the sheet music/paper. I think most of the time I held up the song name for broadcast viewers to see.

NEXT: Pinball Post Relay Challenge! Stupid Game cards For a Ghostbusters Pinball Machine Part 3 of 3.

Thanks for reading and thanks for participating in this journey. Let me know if you have any specific questions or requests. Want to hear a specific song? Let me know. I can probably find it in the broadcast faster than you can and I’ll share the link the song in your comment/question. That’s kind of fun, right?

April 26, 2018 / Tetrahedroseph

Pinball Post Relay Challenge! Round Table Pizza’s KISS Pinball Machine Part 2 of 3.

This KISS Pinball machine is awesome!

Great condition!


  • Selectable KISS songs at the start of each player’s game. Use flippers before you launch your first ball to select a song and or city location.
  • Each player gets to choose a KISS song to play along with.
  • Nice 6″ speakers help you rock out.
  • Ramps are cool and this machine has 5.
  • Shoot balls into Gene Simmons’ mouth to get multiple balls.
  • It generously returns a ball if you lose it too quickly down the gutter.
  • After the game is over, pay attention to the number game at the end. If the last two digits of your scores matches up with the random number generator, you get a free game credit. Listen for the loud free play knock sound.

Current High Scores:

Usually, high scores are important. If a demand appears or if the competition goes up, I’ll share the high scores. If I break a high score I will also share (brag). For now, you might be able to see the high scores in the GIF above. keeps track of the high scores on some machines. This pinball machine is one of those. I’m not sure how accurate it is, but seeing an attempt to have a high score database is reassuring.


  • Use the end/tip of the left flipper to optimize the ramps and buttons on the right side rail and ramps. Visualize using the extreme tip of the same flipper to get the right side ramps and the Demon Ball (Gene Simmons). 😛
  • Spell DEMON easy with the right flipper by visualizing the ball launching from about a third away from the flipper’s pivot point. 😝
  • Play with a friend and get a free credit when the one player does exceptionally better than the other player.
  • Bring a date and use one player together instead of two separate players. Trade off with who goes first.
  • Don’t use a $1 bill if your only going to play once. It cost only 75¢ for one credit to play and I’ve never seen it give change.


This pizza and pinball location is like a mirage in what I would now call a desert when I compare it to it’s former glory as a popular arcade/video game hub.


The arcade located in the mall next door is kinda cute, but no fucking pinball. The arcade located in the nearby movie theater is also missing a pinball machine. Neither one of these arcades will ever see my money.

Round Table Pizza franchises almost always had video games back in the ol’ days. I hope to discover many pinball machines at the many Round Table Pizza locations located throughout California. This also reminds me to consider (jog my memory) another pizza franchise called Shakees Pizza.

Click the following link to find this Pinball machine’s location on an awesome website called

Be sure to use to find any pinball machine almost anywhere in the world!!!

New Pinball Friends!

Do you know @zingali? You should. He likes pinball too. Look forward to him sharing something fun for us and the community too. I hope he shares his experience with Retro Arcade before I do. 😁


Look for part 3 featuring a bowling alley pinball investigation.

Previous Pinball Post:

Read my previous post about and a missing Shreck pinball game by clicking here:

Also, click the next link to see a cute meme I made to warn everyone about my next pinball post. 😁

Thanks for your support!

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April 20, 2018 / Tetrahedroseph

Pinball Lovers’ Relay Challenge! My first update to Pinside’s Map Part 1 of 3.

I’m a new fan of and this is my profile picture: is an awesome site because they have a world map for pinball machines. Their map shows me all the pinball machine locations in the world.

It’s not always accurate, but such dynamics are to be expected with any specialized or potentially outdated form of entertainment. I hope to update lots of map locations.

Remember Foosball?! Good for you, STFU! Too late it’s all gone! Too late!

Let’s move on.


Southbay Pavilion, Los Angeles California

The last known update for this location was in 2011. They claimed there was a Shrek pinball game (2008 edition).

The location was marked as “South Bay Pavilion” and that is a little too general if your traveling. I used a few easy clues from the previous explorer to cross-reference possibilities on Google Maps. Pinside has their own map, but I get more of an exact location by searching for the location on my Google maps app.

After looking on Google Maps I realized the location from 2011 was probably referencing the Chucky cheese.

My Update To Pinside:

Below is a screenshot featuring my update to their website and map. The first update since 2011. The previous explorer claimed a Shreck pinball machine was available.

Don’t let the name “Tetrahedroseph” throw you off. That’s just the name I created for my musical persona. I wonder if I can change it?


• Look for other Chuckie Cheese restaurants before ruling them out completely.

• Like the last part of my review says they had a really cool Terminator Salvation (FPS) console. Pictured here:


  • Task: See if I can change my name to steemseph on
  • Verify a new location.
  • Share my update here on Steem in part 2!

Below, I’ve shared a couple spacers/dividers I created for my pinball posts. I tried to use my Pinside profile picture. I’ll probably try to use some game tokens as a content divider next. Most of those down there are not thin and long enough. How they will actually turn out after I post on WordPress is still a big question. It’s a work in progress, so for now, I’ll stick with my simple light blue ones.

Thanks for reading and thanks for supporting.

Remember to fight spam. Remember we are the curators of each other’s investment in Steem. Remember to upvote your spam fighting neighbor’s comments. Remember to encourage other to fight spam. Remember how shitty MySpace became after the spammers spammed it up. Remember the lack of compensation your experiencing as you share your life on other social media platforms. Shit happens, we move on.

I thought this post was over too, but it makes a lot of sense to occasionally advertise my music on BandCamp:

April 2, 2018 / Tetrahedroseph

RPG/D and D/Choose Your Own Adventure Contest/Game Only on Steem called (IBT) Interactive Battle Tournament!

I made this gif, but the original art work the comes from:

Sorry, I’m not sorry that I haven’t been authoring new posts. I’ve been spending time smacking spammers and writing a story in a Dungeons and Dragons style RPG game series here on Steem.

Above is a picture of my character with two items that assist him along the way.

Enrollment Here:

Click on any of these banners to go directly to the enrollment post.

@lordnigel and friends are running a really cool game called IBT (Interactive Battle Tournament. It’s a game you can win. Participants and viewers can upvote each of the stories and responses you’ve added in comments.

Got it? Check it:

  • Reply to the post containing details of the stage your character has entered.
  • Add a fun and interesting reply in the form of a story about your character approaching the enemy.
  • Send the reply and create another reply to that previous reply and call upon the objective game bot using the various gameplay by commands. The bot’s name is There is another favorite bot for this task called “rollthedice”
  • Wait for a response to see if you win and then wait for the post to payout. Soon after, @lordnigel will send you Steem!

  • Get paid to play.

  • Get paid to improve your writing skills while expressing your creativity.

  • Help curate this investment we all call Steem.

That’s a very general approach to it, but if you’ve ever played these games before, you know the devils are in the details.

My Character:

I created a character named Angel Food. I elaborate on his experience and his story while trying to make it sound like a novel.

I created the GIF above to show Angel Food casting !magicblast.

Angel Foods characteristics:

If you like writing short stories and having fun with the rest of the community in a healthy way, check it out:

Better Explanations:

• This nice guy @doughtaker created an elaborate post about the game. It’s new so check it out and give it an upvote:

• This nice guy @canadianrenegade created an elaborate post about the game too. Go give it an upvote:

Big Thanks!

I personally want to thank all the people that made this game work. The following Steem neighbors have a lot to be proud of:

Angel Food’s Origins:

My First Time:

These are some of the fun and not fun epic-ish battles Angel Food has encountered while participating with IBT.

Stage 1 Battle Collage!

Read the tiny text:

Stage 2 Battle Collage!

Stage 3 Battle Collage!

Angel Food creates another dragon to battle a dragon in this one. I hope we can read this.

Stage 4 Battle Collage!

Stage 5 Battle Collage!

Angel Food gets sodomized and flattened into the bog by peasants and a fuckin dragon booger!

Stage 6 Battle Collage!

Final Boss Round!

Death Match is underway! Players call upon a bot that generates a random number between 1 and 6.

Angel Food and his comrades are hypnotized into fighting each other.

PVP is Real!

Angel Food slaughters a third comrade!

The death match is not over.

Another comrade succumbs to Angel Food power. (lucky dice bot)

Can Angel Food be stopped? Check the comment section of this final stage to see what happens next:

It’s not over yet!

Look for the Next IBT!

Thanks for reading!

March 31, 2018 / Tetrahedroseph

Steemseph’s Week in Review March 2018. Posted with dMania and updated Esteem.

This GIF features posts I’ve resteemed! If your not on any of the Steem platforms, look at mine:

It’s taken me several days… TOO long to get this posted. Unfortunately, all of the posts I’ve shared have past their payout date. Read them anyway! Learn some stuff. Intelligence is a skill.

I’m still posting this post now because the Steem neighbors posts I’ve featured here are still worth reading.

First, I’ll mention my stuff real quick. I don’t always talk about my band, right!? I want upvotes too. Am I whining?

I’ll make it quick! This image below features my recent posts. Three of my post turned out kinda neat, but one of them contains an extremely embarrassing miss-spelling. Can you find it?

These are the links:

Let that Kombucha post be a lesson in how to avoid high quality upvoting. I learned how to spell, “taste.”

Oh well, too bad… get a bot, right? Pay some bots and then continue complaining and continue to side with the non-abusers, right?


I’ll side with the non-abusers and enjoy my ethical perception by remain a non-selfupvoter and non-botsturbater. I’ll come from service first. Authoring a gracious form of investment for the long run. “Gracious investment,” isn’t that a “win, win?”

Enough ranting about my perceptions of the parallels between my world reality and Steem reality. In the end, the best investment for Steem…

Authoring Is Investing:

The following list contains links to posts from our Steem neighbors. I felt these posts were so awesome that I resteemed them.

Here they are listed by category and in no particular order. Posts are past pay out, but consider them a representation of the high-quality authors here on Steem.


Fight Spam or Die!




NEXT: I share the really awesome reason why I haven’t authored a post in a while. I blame it all on the awesome choose-your-own adventure style role-playing game created here on Steem. It’s called IBT for short.

Thanks again for reading and be sure to follow those cool profiles I resteemed.

March 16, 2018 / Tetrahedroseph

Big Band Sheet Music Doesn’t Grow On Trees

This post will feature a really short music video sample, as well as Musician Tips, and a step by step late night copy machine solution.

Here I am again at FedEx making copies. Not sure why I haven’t explored the mom-and-pop version of FedEx… Anyway, the music in this video comes from a live performance with our neighbor @steelparade on drums.

Posted with Zappl and Edited with #Esteem!

I just love being spoiled by copy machines that have access to DropBox. All this reminds me of some musician tips I can share…

Musicians Tip:

  • Locate the 24hr FedEx or Kinko’s near you. Sometimes we get stuff last-minute.
  • Be proactive with the vast amount of resources and materials at our disposal.
  • Record yourself all the time and watch/listen to it at least once.

Print from DropBox at FedEx Like Me!

The following is a step by step explanation on how to use a cloud storage service like DropBox with the automated copy machines at the FedEx store.

  1. Crop your images and change them to black and white.

  2. Create a new folder specifically for the new images on your favorite cloud storage. For this example my new folder is called, “03132018 New Music.”

  3. Upload the new images to your new specified folder on DropBox.

  4. Go to FedEx and insert your “Stored Value Card” into the card reader slot located next to the copy machine. (The “Stored Value Card” is like a subway card and you put money (fiat) value into it to gain access to the automated services.

  5. Press the “Print” button to print from an electronic storage device. (Not Make Copies)

  6. Select the type of cloud service you would like to use. This explanation uses DropBox, but there are several options and I would assume they function very similar for these copy machine interfaces.

  7. Use the wacky touch screen to sign in with the email and password used for your DropBox account.

  8. After a successful connection, locate your new fold in the folder management system provided. Locate the first item you would like print and press the button to advance to the next screen.

  9. Wait for the image to upload. It will feel like a long time.

  10. Caution! The next screen will reveal the default printing options with the color option selected. You don’t need to print in color.

  11. Press on the color button to reveal the black-and-white options and save money. Yeah money… 😐 Also verify the image is correct in the preview to re right.

  12. Press the button to advance to the next screen and verify that it’s black and white and 8.5×11. The price will appear here also. It changes because of tax.

  13. Press the print button in the bottom right corner of the image above and wait for the little circle in the loading screen to hypnotize you into a short term memory laps.

  14. The machine will start printing, but before you get the paper, press the “Print Another” button so that it loads while your over there.

  15. Go get it. It’s probably printed by now.

  16. When you get back to the interface it will be back at the “Select Document To Print” screen.

Just repeat these steps for each image you want to print. You’ll develop a flow and probably find ways to move faster.


More big band jazz stuff coming soon! Wanna see or hear about something specific? Leave your questions in the comment section.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget: if you flag a spammer, I will 100% upvote your constructive comment to that spammer.

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