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December 9, 2017 / Tetrahedroseph

Surprise birthday party performance with me @steemseph on Bass for Steel Parade! Part 1 of 3

It was Saturday, December 2, 2017 and we were asked to perform for a surprise birthday party in the cozy downtown shopping area of Belmont Shores, California.

Here’s a GIF featuring flowers, my bass, and our Steemit neighbors @steelparade Phil and Max. We were setting up our equipment when I took this bust shot with my iPhone.

โ€ข Are they contemplating the flower arrangement?

โ€ข Do you think they’re contemplating the new cymbal arrangement?

I’ll give you a hint… they both play drums and we are not performing at a wedding today.

How: The gif above and my other Gifs in this series will be comprised of two separate Gifs combined in iMovie, exported and then changed into a gif again with Gif Maker. Like this:



Notice how these two above skip. Compare them to the continuous appearance of the first gif featured in the beginning of this post.

Do you use a mobile gif app?

Please share your thoughts or questions.

NEXT: Part 2 of 3 featuring my gear and performance highlights from my Periscope broadcast. I actually created three broadcasts, but the first is just a bunch of waiting for the birthday girl to appear. We had to stay quiet and stay ready to spring the surprise.

Click Here to see my previous post about Steel Parade on tour in Bishop California. Click Here to see a similar post about the Steel ParadeTour.

Thanks for sharing, following and upvoting.

December 8, 2017 / Tetrahedroseph

Panoramic and Hyperlapse featuring what was formerly a hazy day at the beach in California that has become a beautiful sunny December afternoon!

Last time I was here I took some shots and hyper laps video of a very silver and gray skyline.

This time the sky is clear and the sun is shining bright. We are happy and grateful for the warm sun. The weather is mild and welcoming. Warm during the day and cold at night.

First a panoramic shot of the coast:

Be sure to zoom in to see fun details of the panoramic shot above.

Remember the silhouetted oil island from last time? Today, the sky is clear and we can see more details:

A little hummingbird visited the flowers next to me while I was there taking today’s pictures.

The two Gifs below feature human and bird foot prints. They should appear hypnotic and smooth.

Finally here’s another Hyperlapse (converted into a gif) of the ocean, pigeons, and boats looking very busy on a Wednesday at 02:22 pm.

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading an getting dizzy. Thanks also for supporting and upvoting.

December 7, 2017 / Tetrahedroseph

That guy who makes Gif-Like videos of upside down steel drums rears his head for this Steel Parade’s Bishop California Tour 11052017 4 of 4 Series

If there is a collection of Gifs related to the same topic, expect that guy who makes gif like videos to take over.

Below are the “Low” quality versions of the two Gifs I combined to make the preceding gif like video. The text might be difficult to read because it’s a low quality version. Yup, I’m sure you’ve seen it already ๐Ÿ‘
I haven’t yet noted the size of the gifs in low quality. The quality settings in Gif Maker are very general terms. High, Medium, and Low are revealing not options. I’ll talk about this more in a later post.

I combined the Gif from Part 1 of this series…with the Gif I featured in Part 2 to make this Gif-Like Video: <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

WordPress won't let me add a space here.


The live audio in this GIF-Lke video was recorded during our performance in Bishop. The song is called Dance With Me and was written by our Steemit neighbor @steelparade < strong>

* Click here to see part one of this little series:<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
rt two of this little series: < strong>* Click here to see part three of this little series: <<<<<<<<<<
s app is out of control. Pressing the update button creates many strange anomalies:

December 6, 2017 / Tetrahedroseph

That guy who makes Gifs quality comparisons of upside down steel drum: Steel Parade’s Bishop California Tour 11052017 3 of 4 Purple!

This upside down steel drum GIF quality comparison wouldn’t be much without our Steemit neighbor @steelparade’s upside down steel drum.

I’m grateful and fortunate to travel around and play music with steel drum band that has a singer who puts his steel drum upside down on the ground. I’m grateful to play bass and sing harmonies with a group of professionals like the guys featured in this link:


* Click here to see part one of this little series:

* Click here to see part two of this little series:

December 5, 2017 / Tetrahedroseph

That guy who makes Gifs quality comparisons of upside down steel drum: Steel Parade’s Bishop California Tour 11052017 2 of 4 formerly 2 of 3.

This is part two of my GIF quality comparison featuring and upside down steel drum image taken from the stage during sound check while on tour with Steel Parade. We had some fun performances!

Did you see the title? I’m changing this series from three-part, into a four-part series!

High:Medium: Low:

* Click here to see the first gif quality comparison in this series:

Thanks for your support! Let me know if you have any questions. Leave a comment and say hello if your new!

NEXT: Part 3 of this series featuring an upside down steel drum in a nice purple stage lighting.

December 4, 2017 / Tetrahedroseph

That guy who makes Gifs quality comparisons of upside down steel drum: Steel Parade’s Bishop California Tour 11052017 1 of 3

This GIF quality comparison features an upside down steel drum from our tour in Bishop California. This is part one of three.

Our two concert were at the Bishop Union High School. It’s a small school with an awesome staff.

High:Medium: Low:

This Gif quality comparison was made with the pro/paid version of Gif Maker. I highly recommend the pro version. Lose the adds, lose the watermark and gain text control and more. No, I don’t work for them.

Be sure to look for our Steemit neighbor @steelparade here on Steemit and Facebook.

Next: part two and three of this little series mixed in with the fun footage of our most recent performance.

December 3, 2017 / Tetrahedroseph

November’s Tour Panorama of Steel Parade in California from last month. 100% Steem Power

I went on a short tour with @steelparade last month and never got a chance to share a panoramic of this little river.

Have a nice day and take notice that it’s nice once in a while to set the payouts to 100% Steem Power! Nice ๐Ÿ‘

December 2, 2017 / Tetrahedroseph

Live Steel Drum music in my Broadcast 3 Highlights from our second set at Taco Surf in California Part 3.5 of 3!?!

What’s the heck is a Part 3.5 of 3?!

This is the third live broadcasts from our PCH Taco Surf performance.

*Broadcast 3

Live Broadcast 3’s Highlights from our second set at Taco Surf:

* We start off our second set of music with Bob Marley’s song Three Little Birds at 02:05. Click on the numbers to skip to it.

* We play a Steel Parade a favorite at 17:13.WordPress won’t let me add a carriage return here.

* It gets really Hot Hot Hot at 24:44.

* Our inner Beatles come out with a guest singer when we play Across The Universe at 32:47.

* We actually play a holiday tune, Jingle Bells at 43:09.

* Catch our last song at 51:54 and see me drinking a margarita from the pitcher.

Thanks for all your support. Your contributions have to help my Steemit grow. I recommend to friends all the time. It usually sounds too good to be true for them to believe me.

This last GIF is dedicated to all my supporters. It features me toasting to you while drinking margaritas from the pitcher. Most people think that’s cool!

Thank you!

December 1, 2017 / Tetrahedroseph

Panoramic of The Downtown Los Angeles Fashion District on December 1st 2017, 02:52pm, Vol. 12

It’s a Friday and I dare to jump into traffic and travel to downtown Los Angeles. It’s not a good idea. It’s a high-risk maneuver. We got to pay the bills.

Today’s panoramic shot is preceded by a panoramic from one of the expensive parking lots

Be sure to zoom in. It’s easy if you’re on a cell phone, iPhone, android or whatever web browser. Maybe when the GIF thing gets easier, I’ll figure out how to add a link to the full image.

Gif Ticks: zoom into your image, take a screen shot as you move the screen left to right, make a gif out o those images/screenshots. For an example, see the GIF directly above this paragraph.

For now I guess you’re forced to enjoy this quirky little GIF collection featuring the same daily traffic conditions. ๐Ÿข

Next: One more, a final post to conclude tthe Steel Parade performance at taco surf.

December 1, 2017 / Tetrahedroseph

Live music and happy dancer Periscope highlights from our Taco Surf performance in California! Part 3 of 3

I usually broadcast my performances with #steelparade Last Friday we made the islanders of the Surf Side Taco Surf on PCH very happy… and drunk! They had to dance.

These are the two live broadcasts from our PCH Taco Surf performance showing fun and fun and fun.

*Broadcast 2

*Broadcast 3

Live Broadcast 2 Highlights from our Taco Surf performance:

* This is actually the first song of our performance at Taco Surf. Click on the numbers to skip to the live broadcast of a Steel Parade original, the opening song called, Woke Up at 04:57.

* Lead singer/steel pan player Phil/ @steelparade switches to drum set and drummer Max (whom I still can’t find on Steemit yet) performs a fun steel pan classic called Brown Skin Gal at 29:35.

* We sing happy Divorce Day to a fun group of islanders from Las Vegas at 38:44.

* Hear Steel Parade’s rendition of Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s version of John Denver’s song Take Me Home, County Roadsat 41:04. It has a long intro because Phil wanted to say hello to a friend and also to check our volume. Maintaining an appropriate volume is important to us.

Tip Of The Day: don’t be one of those bands that plays loudly in small places while people are eating and socializing.

* Skip to a new Steel Parade original song called Dance With Me at 57:11and hear Phil explaining what inspired him to write the song Dance With Me.

* Lots of Dancers jump up at 01:03:17 and help us bring the energy up, up, and up!

* Our friend Kris likes to sings one of her favorites, Groove in’ at 01:13:07 * Another switch between steel drum and drum set gets the dancers going again at 01:30:39

* Big kids, little kids and sexy dancers become ecstatic when they hear us play start Disney’s Under The Sea at 01:36:39

Next: Live Steel Drum music in my Broadcast 3 Highlights from our second set at Taco Surf in California Part 3.5 of 3!?!

Live Broadcast 1 Highlights from our Taco Surf performance:

Looking at my Periscope profile, Tetrahedroseph, one might see three broadcasts.
Click here to see highlights from the first broadcast.

Thanks for your support. It’s greatly appreciated and directly contributes to one of the closest things I could actually call a retirement fund/savings account. I’m grateful for my privileges. ๐Ÿ™๐ŸŽƒ๐Ÿ™


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