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JosephAtDII and Hand Pans


Well, that was fun while it lasted. I helped Dave streamline the hand pan sales. Dave remove the commission sales. Stevan will do a great job and he will fulfill many rolls for DII. I am, “waiting for the next project.”


A few more Genesis went out to some very patient customers. Dave is allowing me to assist him in the sales of a few more Symphonette hand pans (hint, hint), and then my position with DII will switch. The store looks better than ever and they are hosting lots of activities.

One more thing, back in April 2013 Dave created the first electric hand pan my humble eyes have ever seen. By “electric hand pan”, I’m saying there is a small microphone attached to the inside of the hand pan with a 1/4 inch input jack attached accessible from the bottom shell.


A lot has changed and I have sold lots of hand pans. Dave wants to run hand pan sales/marketing/packaging/database alone. The waiting list is growing fast. Demand is very high. Dave has allowed me to finish selling a few remaining Genesis and I am grateful. He will be doing the rest from now on and I might remain employed as a shipping person.
I’m not sure what is happening next.


It’s been a great 6 months later. Dave was very busy with steel drum orders.

We have some triple cello steel drums left over so if you know a steel drummer…

Symphonette #handpans are on the way. They are probably being shaped and chromed this month.


Dave has created new hand pans.

They are available to purchase and you should be able to see and hear them in about a week or two. My YouTube channel, JosephAtDII will have new videos of the new hand pans very soon.

For now, enjoy these images and follow me on Instagram. Click here :) #tetrahedroseph #josephatdii #davesislandinstruments


I just bought this Ukulele Pono MTDX-E at Dave’s Island Instruments. It is a lot of fun to play and I highly recommend it for someone that wants to sing and play along.

I’ll be posting more about it later.


This is the main feed for my DII YouTube page.

I feature hand pans, steel drums, and ukuleles.

Dave’s Island instruments is also on Facebook. Lets be friends!

Lots of action! Visit the Facebook page to see the most current images and events.


Yup, that’s me and I am Joseph.

I am the official sales rep. for Dave’s Island Instruments and Smarty Pans Music. Sounds important, right? It’s hard to tell these days, but that’s besides the point! I am the person to contact with questions about  products and purchases.

Hand Pans and Steel Drums are hand-made by Smarty Pans Music and tuned by Master Tuner Dave Beery.

This page will contain various posts about instruments I am selling or have sold for Dave’s Island Instruments and Smarty Pans Music.

This page will also be for educating those who are curious enough to stumble around this blog. Feel free to ask me questions and I will do my best to answer them.

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