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April 20, 2018 / Tetrahedroseph

Pinball Lovers’ Relay Challenge! My first update to Pinside’s Map Part 1 of 3.

I’m a new fan of and this is my profile picture: is an awesome site because they have a world map for pinball machines. Their map shows me all the pinball machine locations in the world.

It’s not always accurate, but such dynamics are to be expected with any specialized or potentially outdated form of entertainment. I hope to update lots of map locations.

Remember Foosball?! Good for you, STFU! Too late it’s all gone! Too late!

Let’s move on.


Southbay Pavilion, Los Angeles California

The last known update for this location was in 2011. They claimed there was a Shrek pinball game (2008 edition).

The location was marked as “South Bay Pavilion” and that is a little too general if your traveling. I used a few easy clues from the previous explorer to cross-reference possibilities on Google Maps. Pinside has their own map, but I get more of an exact location by searching for the location on my Google maps app.

After looking on Google Maps I realized the location from 2011 was probably referencing the Chucky cheese.

My Update To Pinside:

Below is a screenshot featuring my update to their website and map. The first update since 2011. The previous explorer claimed a Shreck pinball machine was available.

Don’t let the name “Tetrahedroseph” throw you off. That’s just the name I created for my musical persona. I wonder if I can change it?


• Look for other Chuckie Cheese restaurants before ruling them out completely.

• Like the last part of my review says they had a really cool Terminator Salvation (FPS) console. Pictured here:


  • Task: See if I can change my name to steemseph on
  • Verify a new location.
  • Share my update here on Steem in part 2!

Below, I’ve shared a couple spacers/dividers I created for my pinball posts. I tried to use my Pinside profile picture. I’ll probably try to use some game tokens as a content divider next. Most of those down there are not thin and long enough. How they will actually turn out after I post on WordPress is still a big question. It’s a work in progress, so for now, I’ll stick with my simple light blue ones.

Thanks for reading and thanks for supporting.

Remember to fight spam. Remember we are the curators of each other’s investment in Steem. Remember to upvote your spam fighting neighbor’s comments. Remember to encourage other to fight spam. Remember how shitty MySpace became after the spammers spammed it up. Remember the lack of compensation your experiencing as you share your life on other social media platforms. Shit happens, we move on.

I thought this post was over too, but it makes a lot of sense to occasionally advertise my music on BandCamp:

April 2, 2018 / Tetrahedroseph

RPG/D and D/Choose Your Own Adventure Contest/Game Only on Steem called (IBT) Interactive Battle Tournament!

I made this gif, but the original art work the comes from:

Sorry, I’m not sorry that I haven’t been authoring new posts. I’ve been spending time smacking spammers and writing a story in a Dungeons and Dragons style RPG game series here on Steem.

Above is a picture of my character with two items that assist him along the way.

Enrollment Here:

Click on any of these banners to go directly to the enrollment post.

@lordnigel and friends are running a really cool game called IBT (Interactive Battle Tournament. It’s a game you can win. Participants and viewers can upvote each of the stories and responses you’ve added in comments.

Got it? Check it:

  • Reply to the post containing details of the stage your character has entered.
  • Add a fun and interesting reply in the form of a story about your character approaching the enemy.
  • Send the reply and create another reply to that previous reply and call upon the objective game bot using the various gameplay by commands. The bot’s name is There is another favorite bot for this task called “rollthedice”
  • Wait for a response to see if you win and then wait for the post to payout. Soon after, @lordnigel will send you Steem!

  • Get paid to play.

  • Get paid to improve your writing skills while expressing your creativity.

  • Help curate this investment we all call Steem.

That’s a very general approach to it, but if you’ve ever played these games before, you know the devils are in the details.

My Character:

I created a character named Angel Food. I elaborate on his experience and his story while trying to make it sound like a novel.

I created the GIF above to show Angel Food casting !magicblast.

Angel Foods characteristics:

If you like writing short stories and having fun with the rest of the community in a healthy way, check it out:

Better Explanations:

• This nice guy @doughtaker created an elaborate post about the game. It’s new so check it out and give it an upvote:

• This nice guy @canadianrenegade created an elaborate post about the game too. Go give it an upvote:

Big Thanks!

I personally want to thank all the people that made this game work. The following Steem neighbors have a lot to be proud of:

Angel Food’s Origins:

My First Time:

These are some of the fun and not fun epic-ish battles Angel Food has encountered while participating with IBT.

Stage 1 Battle Collage!

Read the tiny text:

Stage 2 Battle Collage!

Stage 3 Battle Collage!

Angel Food creates another dragon to battle a dragon in this one. I hope we can read this.

Stage 4 Battle Collage!

Stage 5 Battle Collage!

Angel Food gets sodomized and flattened into the bog by peasants and a fuckin dragon booger!

Stage 6 Battle Collage!

Final Boss Round!

Death Match is underway! Players call upon a bot that generates a random number between 1 and 6.

Angel Food and his comrades are hypnotized into fighting each other.

PVP is Real!

Angel Food slaughters a third comrade!

The death match is not over.

Another comrade succumbs to Angel Food power. (lucky dice bot)

Can Angel Food be stopped? Check the comment section of this final stage to see what happens next:

It’s not over yet!

Look for the Next IBT!

Thanks for reading!

March 31, 2018 / Tetrahedroseph

Steemseph’s Week in Review March 2018. Posted with dMania and updated Esteem.

This GIF features posts I’ve resteemed! If your not on any of the Steem platforms, look at mine:

It’s taken me several days… TOO long to get this posted. Unfortunately, all of the posts I’ve shared have past their payout date. Read them anyway! Learn some stuff. Intelligence is a skill.

I’m still posting this post now because the Steem neighbors posts I’ve featured here are still worth reading.

First, I’ll mention my stuff real quick. I don’t always talk about my band, right!? I want upvotes too. Am I whining?

I’ll make it quick! This image below features my recent posts. Three of my post turned out kinda neat, but one of them contains an extremely embarrassing miss-spelling. Can you find it?

These are the links:

Let that Kombucha post be a lesson in how to avoid high quality upvoting. I learned how to spell, “taste.”

Oh well, too bad… get a bot, right? Pay some bots and then continue complaining and continue to side with the non-abusers, right?


I’ll side with the non-abusers and enjoy my ethical perception by remain a non-selfupvoter and non-botsturbater. I’ll come from service first. Authoring a gracious form of investment for the long run. “Gracious investment,” isn’t that a “win, win?”

Enough ranting about my perceptions of the parallels between my world reality and Steem reality. In the end, the best investment for Steem…

Authoring Is Investing:

The following list contains links to posts from our Steem neighbors. I felt these posts were so awesome that I resteemed them.

Here they are listed by category and in no particular order. Posts are past pay out, but consider them a representation of the high-quality authors here on Steem.


Fight Spam or Die!




NEXT: I share the really awesome reason why I haven’t authored a post in a while. I blame it all on the awesome choose-your-own adventure style role-playing game created here on Steem. It’s called IBT for short.

Thanks again for reading and be sure to follow those cool profiles I resteemed.

March 16, 2018 / Tetrahedroseph

Big Band Sheet Music Doesn’t Grow On Trees

This post will feature a really short music video sample, as well as Musician Tips, and a step by step late night copy machine solution.

Here I am again at FedEx making copies. Not sure why I haven’t explored the mom-and-pop version of FedEx… Anyway, the music in this video comes from a live performance with our neighbor @steelparade on drums.

Posted with Zappl and Edited with #Esteem!

I just love being spoiled by copy machines that have access to DropBox. All this reminds me of some musician tips I can share…

Musicians Tip:

  • Locate the 24hr FedEx or Kinko’s near you. Sometimes we get stuff last-minute.
  • Be proactive with the vast amount of resources and materials at our disposal.
  • Record yourself all the time and watch/listen to it at least once.

Print from DropBox at FedEx Like Me!

The following is a step by step explanation on how to use a cloud storage service like DropBox with the automated copy machines at the FedEx store.

  1. Crop your images and change them to black and white.

  2. Create a new folder specifically for the new images on your favorite cloud storage. For this example my new folder is called, “03132018 New Music.”

  3. Upload the new images to your new specified folder on DropBox.

  4. Go to FedEx and insert your “Stored Value Card” into the card reader slot located next to the copy machine. (The “Stored Value Card” is like a subway card and you put money (fiat) value into it to gain access to the automated services.

  5. Press the “Print” button to print from an electronic storage device. (Not Make Copies)

  6. Select the type of cloud service you would like to use. This explanation uses DropBox, but there are several options and I would assume they function very similar for these copy machine interfaces.

  7. Use the wacky touch screen to sign in with the email and password used for your DropBox account.

  8. After a successful connection, locate your new fold in the folder management system provided. Locate the first item you would like print and press the button to advance to the next screen.

  9. Wait for the image to upload. It will feel like a long time.

  10. Caution! The next screen will reveal the default printing options with the color option selected. You don’t need to print in color.

  11. Press on the color button to reveal the black-and-white options and save money. Yeah money… 😐 Also verify the image is correct in the preview to re right.

  12. Press the button to advance to the next screen and verify that it’s black and white and 8.5×11. The price will appear here also. It changes because of tax.

  13. Press the print button in the bottom right corner of the image above and wait for the little circle in the loading screen to hypnotize you into a short term memory laps.

  14. The machine will start printing, but before you get the paper, press the “Print Another” button so that it loads while your over there.

  15. Go get it. It’s probably printed by now.

  16. When you get back to the interface it will be back at the “Select Document To Print” screen.

Just repeat these steps for each image you want to print. You’ll develop a flow and probably find ways to move faster.


More big band jazz stuff coming soon! Wanna see or hear about something specific? Leave your questions in the comment section.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget: if you flag a spammer, I will 100% upvote your constructive comment to that spammer.

March 12, 2018 / Tetrahedroseph

Bass in this place AND that place too, DOUBLE HEADER Part 3 of 3 featuring: a second set by Taco-drunk performers for Taco Surf’s taco-eating drunks. MINI CONTEST!!!

My second broadcast’s title is a weird one. I am not a spammer!!! It’s a typo. The title was created with poor dictation. Siri misinterpreted what I was saying while I was walking up to start the second set. The title made me chuckle. I had to get ready, so I used it.

Musicians Tips:

  • Balance the amount of time you spend saying hello to visitors and resting/recharging.
  • Your face’s smile muscles should hurt from smiling after you go home.
  • Use your endurance efficiently by pacing your performance energy output and look at the duration with a “big picture” perspective. Start out simple and gradually increase through out.

2nd Broadcast’s Highlights:

  • Kid dancers convince us to play as fast as we can at 01:03. We play a whirl wind version of, “Everybody Love A Saturday Night.” @steelparade plays a searing hot steel drum solo at 05:38.
  • At 07:40 we play a song called, “On and On.” Look to the bottom left corner of the screen to see some silly kids jumping around. Taco Surf is a “cantina” and I think that means you can have Booz around kids.
  • Our singer friend Kriss joins us again at 13:35. She sings The Beatles tune, Across The Universe” and at 18:29Kriss sings “What’s So Funny About Peace Love and Understanding” by Elvis Costello.
  • At 26:49, we play the original “Let’s Run Away” again! It’s new we want to sneak in a practice and people are new. Fortunately a dancer moves the camera to a spot providing an angle that we’ve never seen before at 27:00.

Oh and I used my new camera lens on the back camera for this broadcast and it looks better. The portal look is gone now. Unfortunately, the microphone is now covered by the frame of the lens… I guess it’s cool if you get used to it.

  • I aim the camera at our drummer again for the next song, “Stir It Up” at 33:46. Checkout Max playing a simple reggae for the dancers to sway with.
  • We end our night’s performance with “Let It Be” at 40:24. We do a reggae version of The Beatles classic. We love The Beatles. I’m gonna sing louder.

That’s our last song and the rest of the broadcast is brief and silly. After some socializing, we pack up our equipment, eat more tacos, get money, and go home.

We have another performance scheduled for the very next day. Tomorrow we will be the background/main entertainment for a city council award ceremony.

Thanks for reading Part 3 of 3. I hope you enjoyed my series. If your just now stopping by, feel free to continue reading and look for links to Part 2 and Part 1 below.

Be sure to checkout Part 2 of this series:

Part 2 features cool GIfs, a video, and even a mini contest! It’s in my Steem blog feed called, “Bass in this place AND that place too, DOUBLE HEADER Part 2 of 3 featuring: a second Taco-drunk performance for Taco Surf’s taco-eating drunks. Mini contest too!”

If your really a glutton for punishment, click the following link to go all the way back to Part 1:

Part 1 has already payed out, but it features more videos and GIF. It all went down on the same day. Part 1 is the start of my double header. Two performance venues in one day. I’m grateful.


Performance highlights and silly food broadcast. Catering review, a salad POV, and high speed bass guitar tuning.

March 9, 2018 / Tetrahedroseph

Bass in this place AND that place too, DOUBLE HEADER Part 2 of 3 featuring: a second Taco-drunk performance for Taco Surf’s taco-eating drunks. Mini contest too!

After departing our first performance at Brea Olinda High School, me and the guys in Steel Parade set out to our second performance of the day. We are performing at Taco Surf in Sunset Beach, California. It’s in Orange County and on the famous PCH (Pacific Coast Highway).

The GIF below features the two broadcast thumbnails that contain our performances at Taco Surf. The first performance broadcast is called, “Live music by people drunk from fish tacos.” Click on the title to see the entire broadcast or scroll down to my highlights and skip around to specific song locations in the broadcast.

By the way, click on the following link to see my previous post featuring our first performance at Brea Olinda:


Musician Tip:

  • Eat before you are scheduled to setup your equipment.

  • Don’t expect your client to feed you.

  • Beer doesn’t help you sing.

New Camera Lens:

I use a mobile device most of the time. I have a computer, but this phone has become a necessary tool for perpetuating my standard of living. Oh and it was fucking expensive so I want to make it pay for itself too.

Anyway, I have a new fisheye lens. The camera is already awesome, but I’ve always wanted to have a wide angle look too. I finally found a lens kit in the clearance section of a surf shop!

Shopping Tip: Always look through the clearance sections first. Most stores place the clearance section in the back. Many shopping locations have clearance items on the back end-caps of the rows.

The collage below features images of the lens, its baggy, the box it came in and some flowers I had in my pocket. I hope it looks good in the “night mode” view some people use.

I bought a kit that contains a clip-on camera lens that holds a swappable macro and a wide angle lens. The GIF below features the view with the new camera angle.

Get a good look at those instruments and the stage area thanks to my new wide angle lens!

1st Broadcast’s Highlights:

These performance highlights will also feature the new camera lens. I used it for the entire broadcast.

  • Music starts at 02:05! Click on that number to go to see it on Periscope. We play a new original song to start the night’s music.
  • Our next song at 07:06 is an oldie but goody called, “Stand By Me.” We do a reggae version with @steelparade singing and serenading the audience with the assistance of his steel drum
  • Camera angle changes at 15:23 to DRUMMER VIEW for another cool drum solo intro to another original song called, “Little Witchy.” Click on the previous numbers to go to see this version of his drum solo. To see the same song with a slightly different drum solo intro click on these numbers 12:09. You will go directly to the broadcast from our previous performance of “Little Witchy.” Please come back… I’m sorry periscope doesn’t like Steem… 😳

  • At 23:14, we play “Woke Up” really fast. I move the camera a little, but you can still see Max the drummer.
  • Our singer friend Kriss jumps on stage at 34:54 and sings, “Chain Of Fools.”
  • She sings a “hippie” song with us at 40:56. Why is “Crystal Blue Persuasion” a hippie song?
  • Warning musicians switching instruments at 48:01. Drummer Max steps up to the steel drum and @steelparade gets behind the drum set for a high energy instrument. Kids are dancing and having lots of fun.
  • Warning Disney tune at 59:11! Do you know this song? What’s the name of it? Be the first to answer correctly and I’ll give you a 100% upvote.
  • Another camera angle of Max the drummer at 01:05:01for our rendition of, “Stir It Up.”

  • At 01:12:06 I move the camera again to see the kids dancing to another Steel Parade original called, “Dance With Me.”
  • Get a 100% upvote on your comment if you can tell me the name of the classic we play at 01:18:57.
  • Our last song for this broadcast is at 01:24:17. The kids want to dance more and we want to end this first set with the audience wanting more. So, @steelparade starts us off for an upbeat version of, “Marianne.”
  • DRUM SOLO at 1:30:19! Same song, new camera angle and a drum solo from our friend Max the drummer.


That’s the last song for this first set. It’s healthy to take a break. Fingers, arms, feet, legs, and voices get tired. Time to eat tacos. I’m not going to drink a beer. It actually makes my throat/vocal chords feel too “slippery” and tacos don’t.

NEXT: Part 3 of this series will feature the performance highlights of our second set at Taco Surf. I also move the new camera lens to my front camera. It looks good too, just different. Look for my third and final post in this series, “Bass in this place AND that place too, DOUBLE HEADER Part 3 of 3 featuring: a second set by Taco-drunk performers for Taco Surf’s taco-eating drunks.”

Mini Contest Reminder:

Two opportunities to win in this post!

  1. Count the hearts and leave a comment telling me how many hearts I added to this post. I’ll upvote your comment with 100% (about 0.20 i think)
  2. This one is hard… read my performance highlights (in bullet section above) to find the contest question. Leave a comment with your answer and I’ll upvote your comment with 100% (about 0.20 i think)

Thanks for reading and thanks for following.

February 26, 2018 / Tetrahedroseph

Let’s Talk About Bottling Stuff: An Update to Kombucha Friends for 2018!

Hi, I’m one of those people that likes to put delicious beverages into bottles. When I’m not playing music and flagging copy and paste spam comments, I do “crafty” stuff. I didn’t make that up.


If you don’t know what kombucha is, stick around. (send me all your money) I’ll talk about it more on my Steem blog.

New SCOBY Starting 02/18/2018!

I decided to start over, and toss out my older SCOBY. I’m too lazy to make one and I have the luxury of starting with one that a professional has created. I’m only semi-pro, but you can trust me. The new SCOBY is under the white cloth in the picture below. It is fermenting in sugar green tea (the SCOBY’s food). The purple towel is to protect everything from direct sunlight.

Soon, a new SCOBY will form at the top. The Kombucha will be ready for fruit flavor and I’ll use the new SCOBY to start another batch. I might split it into two actually.

Fine Feathers: You can get Kombucha anywhere, but I love Fine Feathers Kombucha. It’s my favorite place to buy delicious kombucha on tap, various kombucha flavors in various size bottles, and new SCOBY starter tea combinations. Everyone there is extremely friendly and helpful to those who want to learn how to brew their own Kombucha. Fine Feathers will actually host workshops and “bottle shares”.

Yummy: Search for Fine Feathers on your favorite social media platform. (I’ll be telling them about Steem asap.)


Everyone knows what coffee is and everyone already knows everything. I do lots of experimenting with coffee. All donuts are mine, and I’ll probably talk about that part of coffee too.

Cold Brew:

Roast: I’ve perfected my formula. Dark roast is only available by request now. I now prefer to us a medium roast called “Sunrise Blend.” It tastes a lot like the way freshly ground coffee smells.

Flavors: I currently offer two types of cold brew. A regular (coffee only) cold brew and a cinnamon and cardamom flavored cold brew. My “Cincar” cold brew coffee is naturally flavored with cinnamon sticks and cardamom seeds.

Trade: Anytime you want some I can have it ready in two or three days. I use 12oz bottles most of the time. I try to reuse bottles to lower costs (your and mine).

Yummy: I recently made this 6 pack of bottles for a friend. I should have put the date on my bottle caps. I usually do.

Turkish Coffee:

So Fine: I’m learning and trying to get better at it. I’ve already started to modify my brewing method.

Brand: Ive only seen one type. I hope to expand this year. I think my current can is getting old.

Metal Gear: Yup, metal Ibrik (I know, there are lots of names.) and a metal coffee filter. Have you ever used a metal filter? I just bought one.


Local: A friend who knows I like to juice stuff dropped off a bag full of lemons. Literally a trash bag full of them. His tree was drooping because it was so full of lemons. He left me the entire bag of over 100 lemons. So, I made lemonade.

Juice It: Processing all these lemons was a big chore. First, I had to get them all out of the trash bag and into a laundry basket that will act like a giant colander. Then I scrubbed them with soap an water and started juicing. Lucky, I had several large vessels to hold the juice, water and sugar.

Ingredients: This time sugar, and next time honey. I know an easy trick to make honey more water soluble.


Juicing and Bottling

Extraction: Not all fruit releases its nectar the same way. Sure you can figure it out on your own, but I already did. Start with me and learn the various methods for extracting juice from fruit and vegetables. I can even share how to juice leafy vegetables and herbs.

Glass: Not all bottles are created equal. Some are made for lots of pressure. I’m not. I’ll talk about the bottles.

Organize: I always decorate my bottle caps. Labeling is important and if you think you can keep track of it all without labels, your gonna be sorry.

Surprise Contest:

How many hearts did I put in this post?

Be the first person to comment with the correct number of hearts and I’ll give your comment a 100% upvote.

Thanks for reading. Let me know if you have questions.

February 22, 2018 / Tetrahedroseph

Bass in this place AND that place too, DOUBLE HEADER Part 1 of 3 featuring: Fun Steel Drum Music for high schoolers before heading to the island of Sunset beach bums drunk on tacos.

As I make my way to my first of two performance for the day, I ignore the smog, forget about the mountains and shift gears to practice a thought of gratitude for light traffic conditions and consistently pleasant temperatures. My equipment is all loaded and I am on schedule to be there one hour and a half before the start to set up.


Musician Tip:

  • Leave three hours before the start of your performance. 
  • Arrive at least one hour early to start setting up your equipment. 
  • Expect traffic and or unpredictable venue parking.

Brea Olinda Wildcats with Steel Parade and Teterahedroseph steel drum music

“Double Header” Day Starts:

Before performing, I went live while we were getting ready. We are standing near Sandy Bus and I start to wonder if we’ll even be able to broadcast from this far off hill destination. Sometimes I make a bunch of plans to broadcast and then discover we don’t have good cellular signal.

Tetrahedroseph was live Periscope @steemseph 1

To hear our pre-performance banter or to see the upside-down steel drum from my previous post, look for the short broadcast labeled “Tetrahedroseph was live“. It looks like the GIF above. Or view it on periscope by clicking here:

Can you tell I like making GIFs?

I’ll make one for you if you want. 

Brea Olinda International Week Steel Parade steel drum band steemit

Annual Celebration!

Brea Olinda students celebrate a yearly event called “International Week.” We have performed here several years in a row now. Each day of their school week features a cultural theme that includes entertainment during their longest midday break. We are considered their “cultural” entrainment.

We play a mixture of dancable island music that the students actually like. We also play loud, fast and hard. They like that too. The students bring lots of health energy and we help them help us let it all out with fun music. The main broadcast from this venue is more like a concert. No Breaks!!!

To see our full fast a furious concert for Brea Olinda’s Wildcats on Periscope, click here:

In the past we’ve met some students that were in a band together. They came up and rocked-out a Green Day song with our instruments. Yes, we let them play our instruments. It’s healthy and @steelparade encourages it. Service and education is healthy.

Upside-down Steel Drum:


I like to feature the steel drum upside-down in my posts. I’ve been taking pictures of upside-down steel drum for a long time. I don’t know of anyone else that does it. I have a huge collection, some unseen from a time before Steemit existed.


This steel drum belongs to our Steem neighbor @steelparade. Look for him on FaceBook and contact him to hire our fun band. You won’t regret it. Drop my name too.


Did you see my watermaks? Yucky, right? Got a suggestion? I’m open.


Still Not Enough To Upvote?

A video too!

Ok, I get it, no whales in sight, you want more. I’m hungry too, I get it. Okay… I’ve got more…

I also made a video for this post. It should be on DTube, but I can’t figure out how to sign in. I’ve suspected user error, but then, I was able to sign into Zappl and DSound without issue. Anyway, my video features a audio/video that comes from @steelparade allowing the students to hold his camera during our performance. It also has a drum solo intro to our new songs called “Little Witchy.”

I dare you to watch this video!


Bonus: A video from one of our previous visit to Brea Olinda High school:

It’s been great. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the video and GIFs. Let me know if you have any questions. I like authentic comments.

NEXT: Bass in this place AND that place too, DOUBLE HEADER Part 2 of 3 featuring: a second Taco drunk performance for Taco Surf’s taco eating drunks.

February 19, 2018 / Tetrahedroseph

BONUS: Panoramic view of #DTLA Fashion District Window View on February 15th 2018 Vol. 16 Part 3 of 2.

Yes, a Part 3 of 2! Not for lack of content. I wanted to feature the cool mural that is around the corner and in the alley from the spot where I usually take my panoramic shots.

The alley is usually nasty with crackheads. This time it only smells like peepee because the event in the parking lot next to the alley was thick with security and traffic.

I didn’t know who signed the mural at first, yet I noticed the name “Matt.” I didn’t realize it wasn’t the original Simpsons creator’s name/signature.

Mural By Matt Gondek:

Follow this link to visit Matt Gondek’s website. You will not be disappointed.

Follow the link above to see examples of Matt Gondek’s work and also follow this link,

Post Payout:

I’ve marked this post to payout nothing because I’m making GIFs and stuff of another guy’s work. Seems to push the grey zone envelope a little. I’ll just play it safe and let everyone reading know that my previous two posts are still within payout periods at the time of this post.

If you like this post, consider upvoting my Part 1 and Part 2 of this series:

February 18, 2018 / Tetrahedroseph

Panoramic view of #DTLA Fashion District Window View on February 15th 2018 Vol. 16 Part 2 of 2.

If you’re viewing this on WordPress, I’m sorry. Check out or or and many more after you are done. I created Part 1 with Zappl and it appears on my Steemit blog here:

This is Part 2:

That parking lot I mentioned in Part 1 is occupied by a media event. I took a second panoramic of the parking lot so that we could see a little more detail:

Look at the closed parking lot below. The shoe store on the corner was having a hybrid basketball type event. I couldn’t see it all, but it sounded like the inside of a subwoofer. Me and several others had to leave the expensive coffee shop across the street because the music was way too loud.

Zoom into the circular black thing and you’ll notice basketball hoops.

Panoramic shot of 02152018:

5 Months Ago:

I’ve been doing this panoramic series since September 2017. It all started 5 months ago with this first post:

I didn’t even know where it would lead. I just knew that I wanted to create a series. I wanted to collect as many images from this one interesting location as possible. I expected things to change because it’s a fast-moving city.

At that time I was actually a self voter. So sad, desperate and hungry for a profitable decentralized destination for my creative expression/addiction. Aren’t we all sometimes? (Dear @trump3t I just removed my own upvote from back then, can I get a hug? 🎃)


  • More of these panoramic shots in 2018.
  • Be sure to zoom in on your device to see fun details.
  • Leave an authentic comment or question about it.
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A BONUS to this series, Part 3 of 2, featuring the famous pop artists Matt Gonden as the unexpected Part 3 of this series.

Be sure to look for Part 3 if your wondering how it could all be connected.

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