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January 18, 2018 / Tetrahedroseph

Final Broadcast Highlights from our San Diego performance. Me and @SteelParade in San Diego with Bass and Steel Drum Music. Part 3 of 3

• Warning, simple bass slapping at 18:15. I keep it simple to stay tight. Puls is me and we are puls. We start this soca tune with a long intro. I hope it hypnotizes you.

At 19:30 we start the song. It’s called,Everybody Loves a Saturday Night“.

Guess the name and artist for our last tune at 26:44 and I’ll give you a big juicy upvote. By the way, you can see the bottom of the steel drum much better now because I move the camera with my foot just before we begin our last song.

• At 31:53 the only music you can hear is from our break playlist, but you can hear someone ask a funny question about the steel drum.

• I pickup the camera and show the stage a little at 32:37 .

• I sit on a wet seat at 33:42 and decide to start a tour of the venue. I show the stage, my coffee, my friends Mophie battery, my bass, and the surrounding area.

• Me and @steelparade speak to viewers on Periscope and talk about the event while cracking a couple jokes.

• The rest of this broadcast shows me and @steelparade talking about boats and cognac. I end the broadcast playing around with the lights on my face. It’s not that entertaining and you can get the idea just by enjoying this last gif.

Thanks for reading and following.

Look for Steel Parade on Facebook and let us know if we can be of service at your next event.

January 17, 2018 / Tetrahedroseph

Me and @SteelParade in San Diego with Bass and Steel Drum Music. Broadcast highlights from our San Diego performance. Part 2 of 3

The broadcast starts with our second set. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a very good angle of me and our neighbor @steelparade. Eventually I make adjustments. Here are some of the musical highlights of my broadcast.

Don’t worry, it gets better.

  • If you start in the beginning, 0:07 you’re going to see a bunch of legs, some say it’s sexual, but it’s also kind of fun to see us simultaneously pickup and prepare our instruments to play.
  • Quickly skip to 01:17 for the first song of this broadcast called “Helena”. At 05:42 I stand back and we can see more than just my legs. Then we suddenly drop down in volume because we hear party auction starting.

We want to be a dynamic band. Never too loud and never too quiet with funky intensity as our goal. Search for #steelparade everywhere. • I fix the camera angle at 07:12and we play “Little Witchy” an original tune by our Steem neighbor and song writer @steelparde… Hey buddy, if your reading this, please tell us a little about this tune. Did anything fun inspire you? Cheetos burrito with mayonnaise possibly?

• Hear us perform Jimmy Buffet’s “Margaritaville” and see silly faces if you start at 12:28. I sing backup harmonies, but now that I’m listening, I don’t think it’s loud enough.

Performance Tip:

I highly recommend that every musician record themselves and constructively critique it later.hThanks for following, resteeming, and upvoting. Your past contributions have helped me pay bills.

NEXT: Final Broadcast Highlights from our San Diego performance. Me and @SteelParade in San Diego with Bass and Steel Drum Music. Part 3 of 3

January 16, 2018 / Tetrahedroseph

Panoramic of #DTLA Fashion District on “Market Week” this January 15th 2018 Vol. 14

Welcome to Monday. This will be my first panoramic shot of downtown Los Angeles fashion district for the new year 2018. My previous entry to this series was exactly one month ago on December 15th. Click here to see it:

Today is the start of “Market Week” for the Fashion District here in downtown Los Angeles. Show rooms fill and buyers come from all around the world to look at the latest fashion designs from Los Angeles manufactures. Parking prices double. Coffee prices are already double. Park down the street a few blocks to minimize costs during these busy days. Take a look on your Google Maps and search for Public parking. These public parking facilities allow drivers to use credit cards. Save your cash for tacos!

That first panoramic shot up there was taken at 12:19pm. This second shot was taken at 4:25pm. It looks like a totally different day, but it’s not. Clouds came in and now it’s looking “overcast” as they say.

The last Friday of every month is “Sample Week.” The week where all the show rooms and manufacturers sell off the samples they created for buyers to look at and to consider purchasing. It’s an easy way to get some unique fashion items at a very inexpensive price.

One more panoramic from the street below:


If you live in one of those countries where fashion is important to establish a superficial attachment to your status in society, you should come here to get some really good deals on the clothing brands made from the sweat shops in both our countries.

(Pink Elephant: Fashion off the backs of slaves in other countries.)

School kids chastise each other at young ages to establish dominance via the social constraints of fashion. Sad but true, what you gonna do? I guess, in the bigger picture, we all must do our best to minimize our superficial illusions and allegiances. Let’s all pick our favorites, right? What’s the depth of your illusion? It’s up to you. Chastising my illusions and chastising your illusions is probably something none of us are qualified to do. Once again we are reminded that everybody’s shit stinks.

Thanks for reading and supporting. Let’s have fun and make money here on Steemit! Isn’t that what it’s designed for?

(Another elephant in the room: I’m still using YouTube.)

January 14, 2018 / Tetrahedroseph

STOP! Don’t Upvote unless @kpine does first, especially on this #sevendaybnwchallenge Finale Part 7 of 7 Happy 2018 Gif!

First off, let me say that I am grateful for the boost I’ve received. Being grateful and also being aware of the illusions we’ve allowed ourselves to succumb to seems like an important part in achieving a gracious practice.

Steemit has taught me:

  • Steemit users cannot predict thoughts, intentions, or desires.
  • Not all users are privileged enough to have opinions about the way others here on this global platform make money.
  • Not all uses are educated enough to understand the rules.
  • The objectification of women still prevails in our internet universe, Steem and it’s whales are not impervious.
  • Opinions are abundant and everyone’s shit still stinks.

Finally and thankfully this is my last seven day black-and-white challenge…

So, I made another black and white Gif!

Thanks for following and upvoting at your own discretion without stalking a whale.

Also, a thanks for all the support. We don’t owe each other anything, I’ve paid a couple bills and I’m still going to post fun stuff about me and music and the band I’m in and Coffee and Kombucha and California! 🎃 It feels great!

January 12, 2018 / Tetrahedroseph

Me and @SteelParade Between San Francisco and San Diego with Bass and Steel Drum Music. Part 1 of 3

Today, me and @steelparade are performing in San Diego at the Town & Country Resort. We will travel along a beautiful coastline featured in the GIF below.

Time to go, but first! Gas up first! Automobiles dominate most of Southern California’s perception of travel. The efficiency created by subways and trams are luxuries we do not enjoy here.

Look for us on my Periscope performing fun steel drum music.

Yes, I know… Periscope sucks. They don’t take Steem. Let’s take a moment to chuckle at Periscope’s future without Steem.

Hey look, there’s @steelparade and #sandybus. I hope Sandy Bus doesn’t miss me too much.

We are performing happy island music for hotel and convention guests. I think we will be background today.

Lots of freeway overpasses in the Gif below. I’m on a tall section of freeway that makes that transition from the famous 5 freeway to San Diego’s 8 freeway. We prefer to use numbers these days when referring to freeway names.It confuses Americans also.

Let’s take another moment to wonder why I’m not using a broadcast platform that has Steem.

Gif Maker, who broke you?!?

Remember when I used to do GIF quality comparisons? It was kinda neat, right? Well, I can’t do it anymore. The GIF quality is partially out of control. GIF maker is broken and I don’t see a new update as of January 11th 2018.

Almost a year ago…

• We were here last in March of 2017 for a large convention known as CADA. At that time I was broadcasting on Busker App. This is some footage that came out of our previous visit/performance.

• I made the following video last time I was with Steel Parade in San Diego.

• Here we are unloading Sandy Bus at the same hotel about one year ago:

Now I’m here and it’s time to set up. Thanks for reading and upvoting even though @kpine hasn’t.

NEXT: Part 2 and Part 3 look for wacky lawn ornaments of this San Diego performance. I plan to feature fun GIFs and clickable Performance highlight links that lead to one of those silly broadcasting platforms that doesn’t except Steem.

January 12, 2018 / Tetrahedroseph

This Black and White challenge for seven days, Part 6 of 7 featuring Sandy Bus hurts me more than it hurts you. #sevendaybnwchallenge

This is Sandy Bus! I’m glad to feature Sandy Bus in my sixth black and white challenge.

She helps @steelparade and I get to performances. Sandy Bus carries our equipment and snacks. Old Speed and @steelparade take real good care of her. Sandy Bus is a daily driver.

Guess Sandy Bus‘s year correctly first and I’ll give you a surprise.

Click on Sandy Bus or follow this link to see more cool videos and pictures.

Thanks for following and thanks for upvoting even though @kpine hasn’t. Don’t worry only one more back in white seven day challenge left to go.

NEXT: Part 7 The end!!! I’m looking forward to exercising my creativity differently. It’s too easy for me to be lazy with these seven day black-and-white challenges. My mom says I’m cool.

January 10, 2018 / Tetrahedroseph

Black and White challenge for seven days Part 5 of 7 featuring Dusty Cat also know as #peeoop #sevendaybnwchallenge

Dusty cat has his own hashtag. His hastag is #peeoop. Dusty has lots of friends. I created the hashtag to help compile all the images of Dusty I imagined me and friends sharing in the future.

To see lots more of Dusty, earch the hashtag I created for him in Instagram.

The gif below features Dusty in one of his favorite daytime nap locations. The sun shines on his back. He also likes this area because it’s central to his day time family… me 🎃

In this picture below Dusty lounges in a playful lazy playful way. He is accompanied by his favorite brush and a small catnip toy.

I’ll probably start sharing more of Dusty’s life. Just a little. He likes it. I nominate

Thanks for following me and supporting us.

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January 9, 2018 / Tetrahedroseph

You missed it on

Yes, all my links go somewhere to Find me on there @steemseph

I’m a nice person. You would have missed this gif if I didn’t post it here also.

Good luck 👍

January 9, 2018 / Tetrahedroseph

Black and White Challenge for 7 Days, Part 4 of 7 Just Walking Backwards on Leafs Gif! #sevendaybnwchallenge

Part 4 of my seven day series starts off with a screenshot from the GIF Maker app I use.

While out for a short walk, I came across an area of side walk with lots of small leaves covering it. It all looked hypnotic as I walked across. I was originally inspired by the yellow color of the leave contrasted against the darker sidewalk. Seeing it here in black and white is also satisfy.

I used the iPhone edit functions to make it black-and-white. This image below shows the iPhone color editing screen.

Here’s the gif I was working on. I like to make Gifs also and this one is especially made for Part 4 of this seven day black and white series.

Thanks for following and upvoting. I’ve been sharing the wealth I’ve received from your contributions. I’ve give SP to faithful and healthy friends.

NEXT: Look forward to Park 5 in this seven day black-and-white series tomorrow!

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To see another seven day black-and-white challenge take a look at our Steemit neighbor @pokerman

He gave me these loose rules too.

January 8, 2018 / Tetrahedroseph

Black and White challenge for 7 days Part 3 of 7 Disco Bass Lights Gif! #sevendaybnwchallenge

For part three of this black-and-white challenge I present my Fender Jazz bass deluxe and some disco lights on the dance floor.

For New Year’s eve 2017 and 2018 me and our buddy @steelparade performed for party guests at a home in Malibu California. After everybody was tired of dancing, I put my bass on the dance floor. I had a feeling the disco lights would make a fun gif.

I nominate our Steemit neighbor @steelparade for the challenge!

To see and hear our first performance of the night broadcasted live click here:

To see another seven day black-and-white challenge take a look at our Steemit neighbor @pokerman

He gave me these loose rules too.

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Thanks for following and look forward to four more of these black-and-white challenge posts.


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